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Candle Lighting Poems

The candle lighting ceremony is a meaningful and important part of a bar or bat mitzvah celebration. It is during this portion when the celebrant acknowledges his becoming an adult and thanks the people who have had a great influence in his life. While this is not a required ritual, it has long been practiced by many Jewish families all over the world.

Apart from the bar or bat mitzvah making a speech, other members of the family as well as the childís close friends are also asked to say their blessings and wishes for the celebrant. Normally, 13 candles are lighted during the ceremony. As each honoree is called by the celebrant to light the candle, short descriptions are read. In response to this after lighting the candle, the honoree says a short message for the bar or bat mitzvah.

These messages are made in the form of a poem. Poems are literary works that evoke emotions and ideas and are written with creativity. Instead of the usual narrative style, they make a unique way of relaying a meaningful and inspiring message to a child whoís celebrating a momentous event in his life. They may not necessarily have a rhyming scheme.

Poems are a great way to express yourself so write them in your own words as sincerely as you can. If a child needs help, parents should be there to lend a hand. In writing your poem, find a common theme and work on it. Consider images to help you in using symbols while describing a person. A rose, for example, is a symbol of love, beauty and passion while a dove symbolizes peace. Use similes and personifications if you wish. Look for descriptive words in the dictionary to replace a simple term and experiment with inverting words and phrases for a unique effect.

Also, one helpful technique is to read the poem aloud. This is best if you want to make a poem that rhymes. Many poets experiment with the sounds and rhythm in their poetry. With constant practice, youíll be able to find the right rhymes you may have never seen. Below are some examples of candle lighting poems for a bar or bat mitzvah celebration.

In memory of a grandparent

Remembering my grandfather Greg is a good place to start
Because he will always be special in my heart,
I may have never known him but we share a common trait
That all of you here I want to know as I celebrate,
Iím sure heís with us today
So this candle is to honor him in a very special way.

For living grandparents

This candle for Grandma Olive and Grandpa Mike will glow truly bright
Having them here with me makes everything just right.
I look forward to family dinners when I know you will be there,
Itís always special to have good times that we share.
So please come up now as I have something for you,
A hug and sweet kiss from me and candle number two.

Celebrantís friends

Iím a truly lucky person because I have so many friends
Whom any time I can always depend.
Girls and boys, big and small, old and new,
You all know how I feel about you.
Good friends are indeed hard to find,
This candle is for you who are one of a kind.

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