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How to Prepare the Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Preparing for the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah party of your child should be fun and exciting. Avoid an elaborate party with a lot of details so you wonít be too stressed out in the preparation stage. Instead, itís best to plan a simple event but one that will give the celebrant and his or her guests a memorable time.

To simplify your planning, why not choose a theme for the party. A theme will let you focus on one concept and then selecting the party details will come easy for you. The theme should be discussed with your child and should reflect in the overall design of the venue, cake, party favors and of course, in the invitation.

The invitation must be a priority. It should be given out to close relatives, family friends and special friends of your child. For this reason, it is important to make a list first of all the guests who are expected to come to the event before coming up with an invitation. Many people usually spend more time preparing the invitation. But it should be easy as you only need to use simple language and be straightforward. Basically, the invitation contains a description of the event, the bar mitzvahís / bat mitzvahís name, the date and time of the event, the place and name of host.

Be creative yet simple in writing the eventís description and be sure to proofread the words several times before printing the invitation. Parents can personalize it by including the qualities of their child or some family issues that have great significance. If you wish to include Hebrew language, get the assistance of some people very knowledgeable about it.

The hosts are free to use either purely English language or a mix of Hebrew and English. Using two languages, however, may have some complexities so make sure to consult with professionals such as rabbis and historians. Names should be carefully checked and correctly spelled in Hebrew. The date may be an issue as well because there is a difference between the Jewish and secular calendars. A traditional Jewish day begins at sunset and ends till the next sunset while the secular calendar starts and ends at midnight.

The invitation can be made in different sizes and forms. It can be a one-face type with only one page containing all the information or two faces wherein the second page contains the actual invitation. In the two or multi-face invitation, the top page usually shows an inscription featuring either a small sketch, embossed logo or a biblical verse with the name of the celebrant. In some cases, the bar mitzvah / bat mitzvahís name can be highlighted in a biblical verse.

Remember to send out invitations two weeks or at least a week in advance. This is to give your guests enough time to prepare for their gifts and allow them to reserve that day and time to attend the important celebration of your child and family. It would also help if you request them to reply right away if they could attend the party or not.

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