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Making Tribute Videos for the Bar Mitzvah Celebrant

As the bar mitzvah and bat mitzvahs celebrate their rite of passage, parents should provide their full support to their children. Parents need to understand that as their 12-year-old girl or 13-year-old boy assumes a new status in life, the kids have to go through the process of studying their Jewish religion in order to gain a deeper understanding of their moral and legal obligations as an adult.

On the one hand, parents also need to prepare for a gathering of family and friends in celebration of their child’s coming of age. Throwing a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah party is the hottest trend among teens today. Apart from a dinner reception, a typical party involves several segments that are meant to entertain the guests.

The party serves as a great opportunity for parents to pay tribute to their child. It can be done in a variety of ways such as giving a meaningful speech during the candle lighting ceremony or during the grand entrance. A more popular way, though, is to prepare a photo montage video production which can be shown ideally after the dinner.

This concept video is the trend today in different types of parties whether it’s for a family or corporate gathering. The idea here is to make a video production that features photos of the celebrant from his babyhood until his growing up years both at home and in school. This can be produced on DVD or CD-ROM complete with introduction, music background and closing credits.

Themes can also be used in the production of concept videos. A short documentary, action or comedy film can even be made upon request. Anything is possible in video production today what with all the digital gadgets and creative videographers available.

Scouting for a professional videographer is the first step you need to take. Search through your local telephone directory or on the internet. You may also ask for referrals from friends who have thrown bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah parties in the recent months.

Ideally, you should contact at least three prospects and find out about their services and fees. You may visit their studios to personally view some of their work. From this stage, you can already pick your choice.

When working with videographer, make sure that you give him or her a list of the specific things you want for your concept video such as how long you’d like it to be, whether you like a classic, narrative or fast-paced approach and if you’d like a movie or an MTV concept as well as some special effects that you’d like to be used. In this way, everything is clear as to the style you prefer. Videographers know how to fulfill their client’s requests but they need specific details if possible.

A concept video is a perfect keepsake of your child’s growing joys and pains. The whole family can play it over and over again during special occasions or even during ordinary days when you just want to relive the early days of your child. It can also make a great gift for relatives and close friends who weren’t able to come during the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah party.

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