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Taking the Best Bar Mitzvah Photos

Photos are always, and will always, remain the best way to cherish memories. There’s nothing like keeping a photo album to look back to the past happy and important events in our lives. For this reason, a professional photographer should be a vital part of your party planning for a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah.

Start early in looking for a good photographer to document your child’s celebration. Before calling your prospects, though, determine first the visual style ideal for the party. Photographers are classified into the photojournalists or those who love to take black and white candid action shots, the traditional photographers or those who specialize in portraits and posed shots and the photographer who can do a mix of shots.

For parties involving youngsters, the ideal photographer should be one who could take both candid and posed shots. These kids are normally full of energy who love to have fun and take part in interactive activities.

Get referrals from friends who have recently thrown bar mitzvah or bat mitzvahs for their children or from party coordinators and even caterers. Narrow down your list and then visit each one to get an idea of their work. Veteran event photographers normally have a compilation of their best work to show to clients so do ask for it and find out if they take crisp and clear images, have good compositions and lighting. Look through their portraits and posed shots and see the style.

You can also do a short interview and ask about equipment such as if he’s using a medium format, digital or only 35mm. Ask for references from previous clients. If they refuse to give references, then scrap them from your list. Contact the references and ask how they liked the photographer’s work and if he or she was professional in terms of dressing up and coming on time.

After you have chosen your photographer, set a meeting with him or her to discuss his tasks for the party. It is also during this time that you sign a contract and pay a deposit for the service. Before confirming the amount, ask about their basic or perhaps, a special package the studio offers.

Additionally, if you know of certain special effects such as infrared film, fish-eye lenses and sepia-toned prints, be sure to ask for examples from the photographer. You should be able to determine how effective and professional the photographer uses his techniques.

When you have confirmed everything, you may then provide a schedule as to when you would like to have a photo session if you wish to have a portrait of the celebrant and your family taken prior to the event. This date as well as the very important date of your child’s bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah should already be marked red on the photographer’s calendar.

Having a friend who’s into photography is also an advantage especially if you’re just having a small family gathering. You may ask his friend for assistance if getting a professional photographer is way out of your budget. You can then just have the photos printed yourself.

Candid shots are best taken during the dancing and game portions. These can be close up and full shots. Posed shots can be taken after the religious service and after mealtime. Taking photos during this event should not be a problem what with all the digital cameras available today. Whether you’re getting a professional or a friend or family member to it, what matters is you have photos to remind you of that great moment in your child’s life.

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