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Great Themes for the Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah Party

Having a theme for different types of party has become a very popular trend. The bar or bat mitzvah event has also caught on and celebrants now have the opportunity to hold a party that features their favorite fairy tale or sports theme. Parents, for their part, will find it easier to plan and prepare every party detail when they have a specific theme to focus on.

Boys and girls have their own preference so itís highly recommended that the party hosts ask them what they like. Otherwise, a general theme ideal for both genders is also possible.

Co-ed themes

An Israeli theme is great if you wish to pay tribute to your Jewish lineage. For the party, you can use decorations and balloons highlighting the colors blue and white. Israeli flags can also be used in the centerpiece and in the other trimmings. Additionally, each table could bear the name of a city in Israel.

Television and movie themes can feature life-size cardboard stand-ups which are sold at party stores. Tables can have the names of different characters. For the decorations and centerpieces, props that appeared in the movie or TV show can be utilized.

The Torah passages can definitely be made as a theme. For example, the sign-in book can be a Torah scroll while the venue can simulate an Israeli marketplace in the ancient days with café tables or pillow areas inside tents. The tables can bear the names of prominent figures, tribes or places in the weekly reading.

A Hawaiian theme is also best for both a bar and bat mitzvah parties. This event should have lots of flowers, leis for the guests and cardboard palm trees around the place. The celebrant and guests can wear outfits with floral prints..

Female themes

A candy- inspired party is nice. The centerpiece can have colorful candies and balloons while the host can give away chocolates in unique shapes to the honorees. Chocolate roses can be given to the female guests. Another suggestion is to have personalized king-size candy bars as party favors.

Fairy tale movie or character such as a princess in a Disney film is a popular choice for female celebrants. This party should create a magical atmosphere via the decorations and centerpieces.

Male themes

A sports-themed party is great for bar mitzvahs who are athletic. The hosts can order balloons now available in the shape of a football, baseball and soccer ball. For the favors, sports accessories can be used while the centerpiece can include cut-outs of sports balls. Action movies such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones are great for male celebrants. This type of party should feature important props or accessories of the main characters. The bar mitzvahís favorite male actors can also be used as a theme.

For a boy who loves car racing, the Grand Prix or NASCAR is the perfect theme. Tables can be covered with black and white checkered paper complete with checkered flags and balloons in red, white and black. Each table can also be named for the various races, tracks or drivers. Stand-up figures can be incorporated while race posters are great for souvenirs.

These are many more themes you can think of if you let your imagination work. Just remember that the goal is to celebrate an important day for your child and make is a huge success.

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