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Ideal Songs for the Bar Mitzvah Party

A bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration should be filled with love, fun and entertainment. It is a momentous event in the life of a Jewish boy or girl entering adulthood and a joyful atmosphere is just right for them. A party isnít a party without the lively music to keep the spirits of the celebrant and all guests up all night long. Whether itís traditional or modern music, careful planning for the musical entertainment of the event should be made.

Meaningful and inspirational songs are normally played during the candle lighting ceremony. Depending on the preference of the hosts or celebrant, one song can be played for every honoree who lights a candle. Otherwise, a single song can be played throughout this particular ceremony.

During this part, both traditional and modern music can be used. If itís not much of a burden to the celebrantís mother, she can ask each honoree for his or her favorite song to be played during the candle lighting rite.

Another event in the celebration that should be accompanied by songs is the showing of the celebrantís photo montage. Meaningful tunes will help set the right mood and make this part more special. However, donít just stick to the purely sentimental songs but include upbeat tunes as well. Donít get your guests teary eyed all the way. Videos of your childís baby years especially the funny ones can be accompanied by upbeat songs while sentimental tunes can be used in portions showing family gatherings or alone moments.

While everybodyís eating, soft soothing music can also be played to allow the guests to savor their food. Instrumental music performed by a pianist is best but a DJ can play this via a CD as well.

For the livelier portion, Jewish dances such as the Hora and chair dance can be included in the party. The Hora is an Israeli folk dance popular only in the Kibbutz and small communities in the early days. It later evolved into a must-dance during weddings and other important celebrations. During this dance, the honoree and his family members are raised on a chair.

If you are planning to hire a disc jockey (DJ), pianist or band for the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration, make sure to provide them with a list of songs to play for the various events included in the party. This will guide the DJ in playing the right songs at the right time and providing a smooth flow to the party.

Prior consultation is vital so the DJ would have a good idea about your child and your family as a whole and could give his own suggestions. Remember the party could last for three to four hours, sometimes even five hours, hence, the music master should really be fully prepared with a comprehensive music library from the oldies to the new disco and hip hop tunes.

Hiring a professional DJ or musician will relieve you of a lot of stress during the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration. However, it may also be costly. If this is not an option, you can always get the help of a friend who knows a lot about music and coordinate with him or her in preparing the songs for the event.

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