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Learn About the Do-It-Yourself Kippot

In the Jewish tradition, men and women normally wear a round skullcap called a kippah or yarmulke during services and other rituals with religious themes. Using this cap shows a person’s respect for God as described in the Talmud.

The wearing of kippah or kippot in its plural form is an old custom used while praying, eating, reciting a blessing or studying religious texts. Today, there are various reasons for wearing this cap – in recognition of God as above mankind, acceptance of the Torah commandments, identification with the Jewish people and demonstration of the Jewish ministry. Originally, only men used this cap but eventually, women also developed the habit. Jewish married women are required by law to cover their hair under normal circumstances.

Kippot comes in a variety of styles these days from the crocheted or knitted type featuring just one color to those that use a combination of colors and those that use fabrics with different prints including cartoon characters and movie themes. Other modern versions include the use of suede, leather or velvet for the kippot. Still others feature the colors of sports teams especially football supported by the wearer. More elegant styles make use of beads which are great for the bat mitzvahs.

Jewish women or even the non-Jews who have a penchant for crocheting can start a do-it-yourself project. It can be a lot of work so it’s best that you take your time and really enjoy doing it.

A personally handmade kippah can make a lovely gift for a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. For mothers who love to crochet, they can even make lots of them to give as souvenirs for their child’s friends after the party. That would be a really sweet gesture and a true labor of love.

A popular design for the kippah is the Star of David. This can be crocheted or made with plain colored or printed fabric. Fabric kippot are pieced from four or six panels and bound with bias. They can even be made as a reversible cap.

The kippot are becoming a fashion statement not only among the Jewish but even among the non-Jews. Designers believe a religious article need not be a drab the reason for their commitment to provide new and exciting designs. They can even be personalized with imprints using embroidery. Customers can request for other special styles such as adding a trimming on the kippot or an embossing pattern.

For those who wish to learn this craft, there are lots of resources available especially on the internet.

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