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Making the Bar Mitzvah Party Extra Special

How can you make your childís bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration extra special? The answer would be by planning and preparing for it well and by being hands on in every aspect not only before but even during the party. If you do it with much love and gusto with some great surprises, your child will surely appreciate your efforts.

One way of letting your child know that he or she is important to you is by showing your full support to all the processes that they have to go through as an adult. Get them involved in the party preparation and they will be thrilled to contribute some ideas. By working together, you and your child will further improve your bond and enjoy each otherís company regardless of the pressures and tensions.

A wonderful surprise you should think of is inviting close relatives who live far away. If they could come, your child will definitely feel overjoyed as his birthday is made more special with the presence of important people close to his heart. The celebrant would surely love to see a grandparent or cousin he or she hasnít seen for a long time.

If itís not possible for them to come over for the party, making a concept video showing the messages of close relatives will be very much appreciated. You could just include voice clips if a video clip is not possible.

For kids who love surprises, giving a party with a theme of his favorite movie or character that he or she doesnít know about will be a real surprise. A child may know that he or she has an upcoming celebration but it can be exciting sometimes not to let them know about the real party details. Leaving a little room for mystery is a thrilling experience.

Since dancing is inevitable during a party, why not surprise your child with a dance performance featuring you and your husband. This can be a traditional Jewish dance, ballroom dance or even a hip-hop dance. You and your spouse can schedule a dancing session with an instructor a week prior to the event so you can learn the basic steps. This dance portion will surely be a popular treat to the celebrant and all the guests.

Food is also a way not only to a manís but even to a childís heart. Make sure you serve the favorite food of your child as well as those attractive to the young guests. These could include pizzas, bagels with filling and donít forget the sweets.

To make the celebration more meaningful, it would be a brilliant idea to donate a certain amount for charity during the candle lighting ceremony. During the turn of the parents to light a candle, they could announce afterwards the donation in the name of the celebrant. Especially if the child is committed to charity giving, he or she would really feel special with his parentsí donation.

There are so many other ways parents can make a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah extra special for their children. Whether itís a usual or unique act, what will matter to the child is the love and care his parents shower him or her throughout the process.

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