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Organizing Bar Mitzvah Photos

One of the hottest trends today in the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration is the inclusion of a photo montage video production notably during the reception party. This is the part where the celebrant, his family and guests watch a so-called concept video featuring photos of the child from his babyhood until his growing up years as well as some video clips.

Many parents find this a special entertainment segment to honor their child and show to his or her friends and their Jewish community his transition from a newborn to a toddler to an elementary pupil. This is a unique way of paying tribute to the child as he or she enters the adult world taking on new and more mature responsibilities in life. Although this can be included in any part of the party, this can ideally be done after mealtime while the guests are still in their seats.

In preparing for this photo montage, parents need to select beforehand the old photos of their child they would like to be included in the concept video. From here, they could then find a professional videographer who has a good reputation of making a one-of-a-kind video production. Sometimes, this person can be both a photographer and videographer. Get referrals from friends or other parents who have recently thrown a bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah parties for their children.

Before submitting the photos to your videographer, be sure to tell him or her what you want to come out. You may want to specify the sequence of the photos, whether you want to show texts (quotes or captions) along with the photos, the music background you like, if you want some video clips or a narration included. The video clips can show parents and other family members saying their blessings and perhaps, the celebrant expressing his or her thoughts on becoming a bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah.

The photos need not just feature all the childís happy moments. Include as well those that show him or her crying or expressing other emotions. When accompanied with funny anecdotes or music in the concept video, this portion could even elicit giggles and laughter from the guests and lighten up the mood.

When the party is over and you have the new photos taken at the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration, itís time for you again to organize them in a beautiful album. You can organize them according to the event from the religious service to the reception party.

There are many creative ways to treasure photos of special occasions. You can keep them in the traditional magnetic album or you can make a beautiful scrapbook that can highlight special shots during the party.

Another way is to make a digital album and save it in a DVD. This can be a great gift to family members who live far away and who werenít able to make it to the celebration. The digital album can also be shared with friends and relatives on the internet.

Special and memorable events are meant to be documented and shared with people close to our hearts. These can also be passed on to the next generation to let them be aware of the great celebrations in the life of a Jewish individual.

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