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Responsibilities of a Bar Mitzvah

In the Jewish tradition, a child becomes a full-fledged adult a bar mitzvah when a boy reaches the age of 13 and a bat mitzvah when a girl turns 12. This transition from childhood to adulthood is celebrated with a religious ceremony and reception together with the child’s family and friends. However, apart from the celebration, this occasion also calls for the acceptance of more mature responsibilities in accordance with the Jewish law and religion.

Becoming a bar mitzvah is a process that a child goes through even before his 12th or 13th birthday. A main component of this process is the study of the Jewish religion several months before the child’s birthday. This arrangement is made with the guidance of the parents to make sure that this religious study does not affect the child’s regular schooling.

Before reaching the age of maturity, parents are responsible for teaching their children the Jewish law and tradition. Once they enter adulthood, they are given the privilege to take part in all aspects of Jewish community life and carry the responsibility of following Jewish law, tradition and moral obligations.

There are several obligations that a bar mitzvah should fulfill as an adult Jew. According to Jewish law, these responsibilities include:

As a Jewish son becomes of age, it is usually at this time when they are expected to change into a more responsible individual doing good as much as they can to help other people. Religious leaders stress that a bar mitzvah need to acquire a Jewish identity and develop the three ideal traits of Jewish people – merciful, shameful and benevolent.

Instilling these three important attributes in the minds of children depend primarily on how they were raised by their parents and how they absorb the teachings of their rabbis.

Keep in mind that parents are the first teachers and main role models of children at home hence, they play a major part in instilling the proper values to their kids as early as possible.

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