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Bar Mitzvah Socializing Tips

The bar or bat mitzvah celebration is one great opportunity for guests both young and old to meet new people. For the main celebrant, the event is more meaningful as people close to his or her heart are present to witness their entry into adulthood. As this involves both a solemn ceremony and festive segments, guests should know the proper etiquette.

Invitees should dress up well for the occasion and behave properly to make a good impression on the celebrant and the parents. Remember that even the guests have responsibilities to be aware of.

A typical bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah event is composed of several portions some of which focus on special customs and religious traditions. It is recommended then that guests should take part in all of these customs and avoid showing a bored look. Being respectful of tradition is an admirable trait.

For non-Jewish guests, it’s better to gain some basic understanding of the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah customs. Research on the internet or ask a Jewish friend or religious leader to explain about the traditional ceremony.

Be understanding as well when the parent-host can’t attend to you for a longer time. Keep in mind that they have their hands full and are under a lot of pressure to make the entire event a big success.

Never give any complaint as how the party goes, the outfits of the host or celebrant, how the DJ ad libs or the food served during the reception. The party host will surely feel nervous about the whole celebration hence, try to be more courteous and never attempt to talk about your own concerns with the other guests.

Put up a friendly face as you meet new and old friends. Always be the first to smile and say hello and then also try to compliment the host about an interesting part of the event. A parent will definitely appreciate it even in the midst of nervousness.

Manners will go a long way so be polite and don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you.” When leaving the place, look for the host and celebrant and say good-bye and thank them for inviting you to the occasion.

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