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Bar Mitzvah - Sumptuous Food for Everyone

Serving great food at your child’s bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah party is one way of making a good impression on your guests. Remember that the type of food served to them can make or break the party. The best way to do this then is to research beforehand about the ideal food for this event and coordinate very well with the people who are going to help you out.

Determine first where the reception is going to take place and the time of day. There are actually options – holding a Kiddush in the synagogue or a separate private party for invited guests. If it’s in the synagogue, you need to find out the kashrut policy for such a reception by consulting a rabbi.

The trend right now is to have a dinner reception after which the children and adult guests can have a fun party with all the dancing and interactive games. It can either be a sit-down dinner served by plate or buffet style or a cocktail.

Food for a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah party can be a mix of Jewish and Western dishes or purely traditional Jewish food if the reception is exclusively for the Jewish community. Your menu should have food that is both kid-friendly and attractive to adults as well. Jewish food consists mostly of cheese and other dairy products. But be sure to also consult your child about his favorite food and that of his or her friends.

For appetizers, green salad is ideal. Choose between a Caesar salad, mixed green salad with or without marinated vegetables, Greek salad, Asian green salad and the marinated vegetable platter.

For the main meal, you can serve fish or chicken. Salmon, tuna, whitefish, herring, gefilte and other fish are great whether poached, mixed together in a salad or smoked. Chicken can be roasted, battered or grilled.

Pasta is highly recommended. You have a wide choice such as the lasagna, pesto, Szechuan noodles, pasta primavera, Thai noodles with veggies and Orzo among many others.

Include the classics, too. These are the lox, bagels and cream cheese, potato kugel, fillo, chard/onion frittata, potato knishes, egg salad, spinach quijado, tuna salad, pita with hummus and babaganouj and chopped liver.

If you’d like to serve more vegetables, you can include a French potato salad, grilled winter veggies, Moroccan carrots, stuffed grape leaves with rice, mint and garlic, yam and apple salad, black bean and corn and melitzana or grilled eggplant with roasted peppers and garlic.

The desserts should not be missed out. These can be ginger cookies, brownies, almond cookies, lemon squares, tarts, shortbread, cakes or a mixed fruit platter.

All these delicious food can be prepared by a caterer or by the celebrant’s mother herself with a little help from friends. If you’re going to throw a small party, it will be a rewarding experience preparing special food for your child despite the great work involved. In addition, you can use the dinnerware you’ve just been displaying on your cabinet for a long time and save money compared to hiring a caterer. On the other hand, working moms may need to get the services of a catering firm to lessen the stress and pressure they have during the preparation stage.

The one most important thing to remember here is that you want your child and all the guests to have a grand time celebrating a momentous event and sumptuous food should be a major part of it.

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