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Bar Mitzvah Tips for Entertaining Guests

Guests make up a big part of the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration. Apart from the family members, they are the very people who will make the event extra special to the celebrant. The hosts should, therefore, plan well and do their best to entertain the guests well to make the event a great success and a memorable one for their child.

In a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration, parents need to consider that they’re hosting a party for young people who are full of energy. Dancing and other activities that will fascinate them and keep them busy will surely be appreciated.

The type of entertainment will depend on the chosen party theme. A theme will make it easy to select the other details of the event including the kind of music and activities suited for the majority of guests. Today, parents have a lot of choices ranging from the DJs, dance groups and magicians to bands and classical ensembles. What’s important here is that you plan as early as possible because these performers normally get booked several months in advance for a variety of celebrations.

For casual dance parties, a DJ and some dancers are ideal. Parents can coordinate with them concerning the performances and introductions they should prepare for the different segments from the first dance to the meal service and the special video production. The DJ should also be able to organize the songs needed in the candle lighting ceremony and assist in the Hora dance.

A live band is a good alternative to hiring a DJ especially if the hosts have the budget. The bandleader should act just like a DJ in entertaining the kids and should bring along current dance music on a CD as well to be able to grant special song requests from guests.

Interactive dancing is a fun activity for both the kids and adult guests. Dancers hired along with the DJ should lead the dancing as well as dance with all kids and handle dance contests, if any. Popular dance activities include the limbo and freeze dance.

Stage shows and dance productions are also becoming very popular. These may feature celebrity impersonators, Jewish dancers, stiltwalkers and hip-hop dancers. They are ideal in providing the grand entrance for the party after the meal service.

Games with prizes definitely add excitement to the party celebration. Among the popular games you can do are the hula hoop contest, bubble wrap popping contest, toilet paper wrap, huggie bear and Pepsi Cola 7-Up.

Magicians and clowns can also amaze the children with their tricks. With their costumes and props, they can easily capture the attention of both male and female youngsters in attendance.

Additional entertainers can be hired for the party. Tattoo and henna artists, jewelry makers, candy makers, airbrush t-shirt printers, balloon twisters and glass blowers can expose children to different forms of arts and crafts they might be interested in. They can even take home some souvenir items from these artists for free.

Remember to keep the celebrant and everybody else entertained throughout the party. With focus and creativity, entertaining will come easy for you.

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