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What Centerpieces to Use for the Bar Mitzvah Party

The celebration of a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah is an important part of a Jewish childís life. Being a ceremony marking his or her becoming of age, it needs to be a celebration of life and love and should, therefore be a memorable one. To make it a success, a lively reception party with all the trimmings and great food should be present.

A bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah reception party should be well designed to perk up the spirits of the celebrant and his or her guests. There are numerous party organizers available today who can help parents in planning and preparing the party. However, those on a budget can do the preparation themselves to add a more personal touch. The celebrant will surely also appreciate it more if his or her parents are hands-on in the entire process.

In any party, decorations and favors are a staple. And of all the decorations needed, the centerpiece is the most important one. It should be well designed and attractive enough to liven up the party atmosphere.

The centerpiece, of course, will depend on the party theme as is all the other decorations. Let your child decide on the theme because after all, itís his or her celebration. Allow him or her to be creative in thinking of a party theme that speaks of his hobbies and other interests.

A centerpiece with colorful balloons is best. With balloons now available in all shapes and sizes imaginable, you can sure to have yours customize based on a certain theme. For a sports theme for instance, you can get those in the shape of baseballs or footballs. Just make sure that the balloons in the centerpiece are not too big.

For an Israeli theme ideal for both boys and girls, you can choose to use centerpieces that highlight the colors blue and white or those with Israeli flags. The rest of the center table can then be sprinkled with chocolate Chanukah coins.

For a female celebrant (bat mitzvah), unique floral centerpieces can be used. By floral, it doesnít necessarily have to have flowers. Instead of flowers, stick flower shaped lollipops can be used. For the vase, pick a transparent one and fill it with candy and jellybeans. Incorporate small balloons around the base of the vase if you wish.

A fairytale or princess theme can feature a castle in pastel color. Lots of pink, purple and white balloons and other theme-related décor should be used to provide a more magical touch.

A real floral centerpiece is perfect for a beach or Hawaiian theme. Include a mix of flowers such as hibiscus, lilies and birds of paradise. On the base of the flower vase, you can scatter plastic figures of sea creatures or maybe cookies in the shape of a starfish, jellyfish, sea horse and shell.

In making the centerpiece, parents can get the help of their child and perhaps his or her friends especially if the one youíre going to make entails different figures. Let your imagination work here and always stay within your budget.

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