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Whereís the Best Place to Hold a Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah?

Part of the party planning for a bar or bat mitzvah celebration is finding the right place to hold the event. This is not a problem for families who have a spacious home and who want to save on additional costs. However, if itís not possible to hold the party in a home, there are many other options.

In choosing an ideal venue for this celebration, think first what type of party youíre going to throw for your child and how many guests do you intend to invite. Determine also the kinds of activities that will take place especially after mealtime. For the reception, decide on whether youíre going to have a cocktail or sit-down dinner. If itís a sit-down arrangement, will the food be served buffet style or served per plate to the guests?

For an evening affair, aside from the home, a hotel is a perfect venue. Your arrangement can involve renting just the venue or you could already include the food for the party. Check from the hotel if they offer a special package that includes food and venue or food, venue and party decorations.

A beach party is also a great idea especially if the celebrantís family lives near the beach. It doesnít have to be a summer season but as long as itís not during winter, holding a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah at the beach should really be fun.

A reception party could also be held in a restaurant. This is an ideal choice for families who donít want to worry themselves about preparing the food and looking for a perfect venue. This is also great for a small reception with only the celebrantís close friends and relatives in attendance.

The synagogue is another choice for a reception venue ideal for a small gathering. The parents only have to consult a rabbi first to find out the policies concerning holding the reception in a religious place and the type of food to serve.

If the childís birthday falls on a summer season, a garden reception and party would be best. You can hold the celebration late in the afternoon or in the evening for a cooler atmosphere. Families with homes that have a spacious backyard garden need not rent a place. However, if this is not an option, there are many garden venues available for rent today so shop around first before picking one. With a green surrounding amidst trees and colorful flowers, your bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah will be well remembered.

For those living in Israel, there are traditional but unique venues where a bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah can be celebrated. These are the Kotel or the Western Wall, Massada, the ancient synagogue such as the big synagogue in Jerusalem or the four Sephardi synagogues and the South Wall excavation area. Special tours are also being offered nowadays for celebrants who live abroad but who wish to have a personal experience of Israel.

Consider the other factors in your celebration before making a final decision on the venue and as always, consult your child about it. Keep in mind that itís his or her party that happens once in a lifetime so you want everything to be a success.

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