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Getting Your Child a Dog for Bar Mitzvah Present

@MAINKWP@A dog is always a welcome present particularly if the recipient is an animal lover. Most children would love to have a pet that they can play with at home and a dog is one of the best gift ideas.

Many parents, however, are often caught in a situation where they are having difficulty deciding whether to give their child or children a dog. Having a pet in the house can indeed be a major consideration notably to those who have small children. But if you as a parent also commits to taking care of the pet while supervising your kids, it should not be a big problem.

One special occasion during which you can give a dog to your child is when your boy turns 13. For those who have Jewish blood, this stage is known as the bar mitzvah or the age when a boy starts to assume adult responsibilities based on the Jewish law. Jewish families often mark this day with a special gathering and party with the family, relatives and close friends of the male celebrant in attendance.

A boy aged 13 years is old enough to know his responsibilities towards his pet dog. At this age, a child already has a good foundation of what is right and wrong and should, therefore, be responsible enough to take care of his pet dog. At least when parents give a dog to a bar mitzvah celebrant, they can be confident that their child will be able to look after the pet and they can just give additional support when needed.

If youíre planning to get your child a dog for his bar mitzvah, it would be a good idea to consult with the celebrant. But if you want it to be a surprise, then maybe you need to get some ideas or hints first as to what your child wants in terms of breed and size of the dog. Maybe he would want a Labrador, Cocker Spaniel or Saint Bernard. You can request another child to ask his or her brother to find out what dog he likes to have. Or you can start a casual conversation on pets at dinnertime and for sure, you will be able to get ideas on what your child is interested in. Observe as well how your child interacts with your neighborís dogs as it can give you a hint on how he acts with a pet around.

Caring for a pet dog will actually teach children the responsibility of looking after an animal in the house and how to be compassionate as caregivers. Having a dog also helps in the emotional aspect of a child as he learns to care for a special friend. Many studies have proven that dogs can be therapeutic as they help improve a personís emotional state when the individual is depressed or is healing from a physical injury.

Once your child receives the pet, donít forget to give a little reminder about his responsibility to the dog. Assure him as well that you are there if ever he needs your assistance later on.

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