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Helpful Tips for Making the Bar Mitzvah Event a Success

Many Jewish families who prefer to celebrate the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah of their child would always want the event to be a great success. This is to give the celebrant a meaningful and memorable birthday which will provide him good memories throughout his adult life. Parents, of course, need to get involved in the preparation process as a labor of love for their child.

As the primary focus of a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah is the religious education and service, parents should take the time to consult with a rabbi on the process that the celebrant has to go through in fulfillment of his required tasks. The rabbi will be able to inform you of the steps involved in the process and the ways to prepare your child for his religious study which normally takes place a year before his 13th or 12th birthday.

This religious education is aimed at teaching the child about the Jewish spiritual values, law and ethics in preparation for his transition from childhood to adulthood. If a child has learned about these subjects from his parents at home at an earlier age, it would be easier for him to gain a deeper understanding of his adult responsibilities.

Guiding the child in writing and reading his speech is vital as well. It is not just a simple talk about himself but about how he feels concerning his new status in life, his expectations as an adult and lessons that he could learn from the selected Torah portions assigned to him. Helping him practice talking with confidence is a big step towards easing stage fright while speaking before members of the congregation on the day of the worship service.

If a party is to be held after the religious ceremony, parents need to plan ahead of time even as early as a year or 10 months before the date of celebration. A typical bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah party these days involves so many details and segments that a parent needs to really be organized to be able to determine which aspects should be given priority.

Additionally, if several people need to be hired for the event such as the caterer, professional photographer, videographer, musicians or DJs, a parentís negotiation skills will have to go to work here. Having a theme for the party, though, will make it easier to plan for the details.

Doing your research before planning everything is the best thing you can do. The internet, magazines and books about bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah party planning will be of great help. From there, you can then list all the things that you need to do and set priorities.

As money is a vital component of your preparation, determine your budget and work within that amount to avoid extra expenses. Itís highly recommended that you create a budgeting system that will allow you to keep track of the amount youíre spending and whatís left in your hand. Making a spreadsheet is the best step to do.

Finally, make sure the most important people from your childís friends, close relatives and family friends and of course, the members of your family are present during the occasion to make it an unforgettable event.

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