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Our Bar Mitzvah website is a free online resource for planning and learning about Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah party

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Our Bar Mitzvah in Israel website is a free online resource for planning a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah party in Israel

Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas and Buying Tips

Gifts are usually given to a bar or bat mitzvahs as they celebrate their entrance into adulthood. The gifts are given at the reception after the main religious service and may vary widely. Friends of the bar or bat mitzvah shouldn’t have a hard time picking their gifts but for parents and other older guests, they surely need some suggestions to help them choose an ideal gift.

Before, the most common gifts for this celebration include a pen set, gift certificates or a savings bond. The bond, to be used for the child’s college education, usually comes in multiples of $18 as the number is said to be favorable in the tradition of the Jewish people. The number 18 is known as gematria similar to the Hebrew word meaning “life.”

Today, guest invited to a bar or bat mitzvah can give whatever gift they want. Gifts with Jewish themes such as books and religious items would be nice especially if you wish the child to be aware of his Jewish lineage. However, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a rabbi or perhaps, the celebrant’s parents if you wish to give gifts related to the Jewish tradition to guide the child in his learning process.

Some ideal gifts that reflect the Jewish tradition include Shabbat candles, a kiddish cup, a sidur or talit (prayer shawl). If you’re planning to get one of these, be sure to check first with the celebrant’s family to avoid duplication.

Non-traditional gifts are most welcome as well. Find items that a 13-year-old boy or 12-year-old girl would like to use or have. Ask from the child’s parents or friends about the interests of the celebrant to get a good idea. A good tip is to buy something useful and lasting so you will be well remembered.

For girls, stuffed toys, a set of hair brush, comb and mirror, a nice-looking shirt, school bag, pendant or bracelet, room decorations or a set of school supplies are great gifts. For boys, guests can buy music on CD, book, software, tool box, pendant, electronics or sports-related items will do.

Personalized gift items are also best. There are lots of products to choose from these days such as mugs, shirts, key holders, decorative plates, magazines or organizers with the name of the celebrant or even his picture on it.

Guests who may be confused as to what to buy can avoid the stress of searching for an ideal item by just giving money instead. This will be well appreciated and will actually give the celebrant the opportunity to buy what he or she really wants.

For a bar or bat mitzvah that will involve a donation to charity, gifts may also be brought by the honorees. The gifts will depend on the type of charitable organization chosen by the celebrant.

Party Favors for the Guests

A party for a bar or bat mitzvah is never without party favors for the guests. Giving away party favors makes the invitees feel appreciated for coming to the celebration. It’s also the parents’ way of expressing their gratitude to the guests for being there during their child’s very important event.

Party favors are small gifts which vary widely depending on the type of occasion and the budget. They can be purchased from specialty shops or department stores but they can also be handmade to provide a more personal touch.

For children, numerous items are available today ranging from school supplies, photo frames, candies and chocolates to key chains and colorful handmade crafts. However, it’s best to pick items related to your theme notably if the party has a specific theme

Photo frames imprinted with party details are nice. These frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You can place the frame at each place setting and use it as a place card. Create a place card using a white or colored paper printed with the guest’s name and then insert it in the frame. Quotes can also be used instead of names.

Scented candles in fun shapes are great for children and adults alike. You can choose just one shape such as the star of Israel or a mix of stars and moon.

Candle holders
Votive candle holders can also be used as place cards featuring cards printed with the guest’s name in colorful fonts.

Chocolate and candies
A Hershey’s bar with a personalized label and tied with a ribbon is a lovely idea. Otherwise, a small paper bag filled with candies and bite-size chocolates will surely delight the friends of your child.

Key chains
This is one item teen guests will definitely treasure. Key chains can either be related to the party’s theme or a favorite sports ball or cartoon character of the celebrant or a big key to symbolize the bar or bat mitzvah’s entry into adulthood. They will surely be used in the school bags of the young guests.

Pens with unique prints and shapes are very useful giveaways. The guests will remember your child every time they use the pen in school or at home when writing their assignments.

If you’re the creative mom, it would be great to make personalized party favors. These could include a standing or hanging picture frame using handmade paper and ribbons, a small scrapbook album, a purse or a tote bag filled with cookies, candies, mints or chocolates. Candles can also be made at home if you have the time.

As a bar or bat mitzvah celebration marks your child’s entry into the adult world, a small glass or ceramic goblet can be a nice giveaway. You can then decorate it with beads, ribbons and buttons or use a glass paint to write the name of your child and the event on it.

Keep in mind that party favors need not be expensive. It’s supposed to serve as a souvenir for guests to take home and remember the good time they had during your child’s bar or bat mitzvah party.

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